Auto Power Team has succeeded in revolutionizing many industries with its dynamic products. Ensuring high performance, low  maintenance and long lasting services our products have set benchmarks in various industries. Some of these are:

Steel Industry

We have successfully Supplied, Erected & Commissioned 250kW x 12 Nos Variable Frequency Drives with complete Protections in MS Cubicle & operator’s control console with Logic in Rolling Mill Process to produce TMT BARS of various size (8mm to 32mm). The speed control of the 12 Nos Rolling Mill Motors all of them working in total synchronism with each other.
Also commissioned 7.5kW to 355kW Drives for EOT Crane Applications, DI project, Sponge Iron Project, Power Plant & other Applications for Compressors, Pumps & I D, FD Fans & Blowers etc with complete enclosures & logic.

Crane Application

For EOT Crane Applications we have successfully developed the logic and implemented VVVF Drives in Cranes for Hoist, Cross Travel & Long Travel applications. Excellent Energy saving, Most minimum mechanical wear and tear, User Friendly, Standard S4 duty induction motor can be made applicable, Profitable in all respect supplying to various OEMs & End Users. Retrofit in existing Crane is our LANDMARK. Installed 110kW VVV – 3nos. In 3.nos……. Cranes supplied to WMI Cranes Ltd. Installed at HCC Site for Building Bridge on Sea to link Bandra & Worli & further Nariman Point.

  • OEM Crane Manufacturer, Mumbai – Up to 160kW Drives regular user.
  • OEM Crane Manufacturer, Mumbai – Up to 75kW Regular user.
  • Complete AC enclosures with VVVF Drives for ladle cranes applications.
  • VVVF Drives with active front-end converters for energy saving and minimum harmonic distortion, is today’s needs / necessity.

Textile Application

Applied for spinning machines ideally. Also attracts in lots of other like Doubling, Weaving Machine, Flat bed printing machine with logic, Stenter machines, Jet Dying machine, Hydro Extractor, Loop steamer, Blow rooms and many more where in multi speeds 8 nos. can be achieved.

Injection Moulding Machine (IMM)

We have successfully used Variable frequency AC Drives for hydraulic pump application for energy savings. We have been able to achieve energy saving of 20% to 50 % in different modes of operations of cycle like Mould open, Mould Close, Mould Close Stand by, Injection Cooling, Refilling etc. As per the requirement of oil pressure, the operational speed of the hydraulic pump motor is brought down at different levels & indirectly the input consumption of electrical energy drawn from the mains is drastically reduced. To achieve the above we have indigenously successfully developed and implemented the necessary electronic control & logic cards. Many of our esteemed customers are reaping the benefits of energy saving in their Injection Moulding Machine (IMM).

1. Noida – 90 kW AC Drive for Injection Moulding Machine
2. Raigad – 90 kW AC Drive for Extruder Machine
3. Jalgoan – 22kW to 90kW AC Drive for Injection Moulding Applications
4. Pondichery, Sinnar & kharadpada – 100HP x 3nos., 150HP AC Drives for Injection Moulding Applications
5. Patan cheru, Andhrapradesh – 60HP AC Drive in Injection Moulding Application.

Paper & Pulp Application

We have achieved considerable Energy savings of more than 20-30% in various applications in Paper & Pulp industries in:
1. Vacuum Pumps
2. Boiler ID Fans & FD Fans.
3. Line Shaft Drives / individual drives with electronic sync.
4. Chest Pumps.
5. Pulper Pumps.
6. Dissolvers.
7. Kraft Refiner Pumps.
8. Unwinder / Winder control.
9. Duplex Paper Cutter with high end AC drives with touch screen.

Compressor / AHU / Chilling Pump / Cooling Tower /  Fans  / Blower (HVAC – Automation)

Successfully commissioned 90KW and 132 KW AC Drive with close loop incorporating pressure sensor and PID controller (in built in AC Drive) for energy saving one in Paint shop (for Sand Blasting) and one at manufacturing Assembly line. 30kW x 10nos. AC Drives installed with closed loop control & achieved energy saving up to 20 to 30%. AHU upto 30kw, reciprocating, screw, rotary, compressors with close loop (temperature, pressure). 110 KW drive in textile machine for Blow room achieving excellent energy saving upto 72% and received appreciation for Zero mechanical breakdowns for more then 2 years. Installed AC Drives from 2.2kW to 132kW For various Fans & Blowers. EXCELLENT ENERGY SAVINGS FOR ID AND FD FANS UPTO 80% POSSIBLE. Incorporated 37KW AC Drive in the existing star delta starter with close loop control by using PT 100 sensor and PID temperature controller thereby controlling optimum temperature, achieved energy saving of 48%. Provided 2.2kw to 15kW. AC Drives closed loop with PID temperature Controllers in Cooling Tower Application. As there is vast difference in temperature in the morning & in the evening, the suction of the Hot Air will be very less from 6p.m. to 10a.m., During this period of time speed can be drastically reduced to maintain set temperature resulting in achieving 30% plus of Energy Saving.

80% depreciation from the ASSESSMENT YEAR 2006 – 07 onwards can be claimed for “solid state devices for controlling motor speed” (AC drives).