Servo System for Ever-Evolving Machines


  • High Resolution Encoder (131072 pulses) 17-bit
  • Control Power back-up function
  • Monitor Output Function
  • Vibration Suppressing Control Function
  • Easy Tuning
  • Side-by-side installation
  • Servo Analysis Function
  • Test Operation Function
  • IP 67 Protection
  • Global Standards



Next Generation Servo System for Ever-Evolving Machines


  • Simple PTP positioning Embedded
  • 3 in 1 (Modbus – RTU, Di / Do Signal, Pulse/Analog Command)
  • Simple connection ! Modbus – RTU communications
  • Fast and accurate positioning is realized
  • New control functions
    • New notch filter (auto notch filter)
    • Homing by hit – to – stop
    • Motor stop method setting is enabled
  • Reduced space (Size reduction of servo motor & servo amplifier, close installation)
  • Long life design (Capacitor, Cooling Fan)
  • Compliance with various standards
    • CE marking and U/cUL, RoHS directive
    • Close installation
  • Environmental resistance (Ip67 – Servomotor)
  • Compatibility (With FALDIC-alpha and -W motors)
  • Improved usability: PC Loader

Cusomised PCC & MCC Pannels

Cusomised PCC & MCC Pannels

General Specification for PCC / MCC Pannels

Constructional Details: The Distribution Panel will be free standing, floor mounting type, dust and vermin proof, fabricated out of 14/16, Gauge CRCA sheet steel. 14 Gauge sheet shall be used for load bearing sections such as mounting plate, outer frame work, and doors with metering etc. 16 Gauge sheet steel shall be used for non load bearing section such as cover, partition plates etc.

Electrical Specifications: The control panel will be suitable for 3 phase, 4 wire 440V, 50Hz, A.C.Supply and shall be complete with Copper Bus bars. Copper control wires to be used for all control cabling. The Bus bars will be supported on SMC Insulators and shall be provided with heat shrinkable PVC sleeves with colour code. The wiring will have identifying ferrules at both ends and shall be complete with crimped copper lugs when connecting to instruments, relays and other equipment. The outgoing terminals will be brought out in Cable alleys through Busbars or on Terminal strip. Suitable provision will be made in cable alleys for supporting the cables.

Shrounding of live parts: All live parts in compartments and cable alleys should be shrouded to avoid accidental touch on opening the doors.

Busbars Chambers: For dead front design, Busbars sequence shall be NRYB or NBYR. All Busbars chambers shall be provided with screwed cover openings. Busbars shall be electrolytic grade.

Frenic – Mini

Frenic Mini

Three – Phase : 400V – 0.4kW to 3.7kW
Single – Phase : 200V – 0.1kW to 2.2kW

  • Best changeover option for Lower HP Motor Controllers
  • Ideal functions to meet various needs New, compact attractive slim design
  • Overload capacity : 150% for 1min. & 200% for 0.5sec.
  • Simple operation & strong Features
  • A braking circuit is Built-in the inverter of all capacities
  • Flexible through optional, determined for best price
  • No derating up to 50deg.C

Frenic – Multi

Frenic- Multi

Three – Phase : 400V – 0.4kW to 15kW

  • Gentler on the environment & Global compatibility
  • Suitable for Multi Applications with 64MHz CPU speed
  • Overload capacity : 150% for 1min. & 200% for 0.5sec.
  • The highest standards of control and performance in its class Ideal for the operations specific to vertical and horizontal motion
  • A braking circuit is Built-in the inverter of all capacities.
  • Fully compatible with network operation, built in modbus
  • Flexible through optional, determined for best price
  • No derating up to 50deg.C

Frenic – Eco

Frenic- Eco

Three – Phase : 400V – 0.75kW to 500kW

  • Built In Power Monitor (KW, KWH, Rs / KWH)
  • Equipped with PID Controls/Built In Pick Up – Retry Function/Multi Pump Application
  • Overload capacity : 120% for 1min.
  • Enhanced Energy saving features for FANS, BLOWERS, PUMPS & HVAC systems Auto Restart after momentary power failure Low Torque detection function enables better Process Control
  • Flexible through optional, determined for best price
  • No derating up to 50deg.C

Frenic – 5000G11

Frenic - 5000G11

Three – Phase : 400V – 0.4kW to 630kW
Three – Phase : 200V – 0.2kW to 900kW

  • Dynamic torque vector control suitable for any application
  • New on-line tuning system Advanced functions
    (Motor piker Control / PID / Speed range – 1.12000)
  • Overload capacity : 150% for 1min. & 200% for 0.5 sec.
  • ntelligent Attractive LED cum 0000000backlit LCD Display Global Comm.
    (Rs. 485 built in, Profibus, Modbus, Devicenet optional)
  • No derating up to 50deg.C

Frenic – Mega

Frenic - Mega

Three – Phase : 400V – 0.4kW to 630kW
Three – Phase : 200V – 0.4kW to 90kW

  • Best Vector control for the general purpose inverter in the class
  • Triple Rating (HD , MD , LD)
    HD : Overload Capacity : 150% 1min , 200% 3s
    MD : Overload Capacity : 150% 1min Inverter
    LD : Overload Capacity : 120% 1min
  • Starting Torque : 200% at 0.3Hz
  • Increased Overload Capacity: 200% for 3sec & 150% for 1min
  • PG Vector control * Optional card is supported. Speed Response : 100Hz – Current Response: 500Hz
    Speed Control range : 1 : 1500 – Torque Accuracy: 10%
  • Full Sensor less Vector Control Speed Response : 20Hz – Current Response: 500Hz Zero Speed Torque : 100% or more (voltage detecting optional card) Speed Control range : 1 : 200 – Torque accuracy: 20%
  • USB port is incorporated in the standard keypad.
  • Modbus Compatible.
  • No derating up to 50deg.C

Frenic- 5000VG7

Frenic 5000VG7

Three – Phase : 400V – 0.2kW to 630kW
Three – Phase: 200V – 0.75kW to 90kW

  • Best control function in the industry
  • Close Range: 1:1000 – Speed Accuracy: 0.005%
    Speed control response: 10Hz – Current Control Response: 800Hz
    Zero Speed maintaining Torque: 150%
  • Torque Control Function: +3% torque accuracy
  • Rated at 50 degree C.
  • VG 7 PID control: for tension loop
  • User Programmable function with UPAC installable (Option)
  • 60% or less noise compared to competitors at low speed (1Hz) Compatible with Typical Networks, Device ne, Interbus- S, T Link, Can open, SXBus, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus
  • Active Front END connection is possible: Optional
  • No derating up to 50deg.
  • No derating up to 50deg.C

Micro Contoller PXR

Micro Contoller PXR

Fuji PXR series featuring:

  • PID + Self tunung + Fuzzy logic
  • Large LED Display / Short Depth
  • Heating and Cooling Control
  • Digital/Analog Output
  • Ramp / Soak function
  • Configurable Alarms
  • Auto / Manual Mode
  • Stand-by Function
  • Water Proof Front

Micro Contoller PXG

Micro Contoller PXG


  • Univaersal Input
  • Stand-by Mode
  • Serve Control
  • RS-485 MODBUS
  • Guaranteed Soak
  • 200ms sampling rate
  • Choice of Outputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Remote-SV Input
  • Loader Port (Rs-232C)
  • Auto/manual Mode
  • Position Feedback Control Digital Inputs
  • Smart Ramp-soak
  • PID Palette

Multi Loop Module Temperature Controller PUM Series

Multi Loop Module Temperature Controller PUM Series
  • Smart !
    Optimum Multiple-zone control PLC Function (by plug-in module)
    Program-less Host communication.
  • Fast !
    High-speed Data communication (230.4kbps)
    High-speed Data sampling
  • User Friendly !
    Detachable terminal Simple Loader Operation

AC Phase Controllers

Single & Three Phase Angle Control

Single & Three Phase Angle Control Details
Power controllers operate on phase angle control and vary output RMS Voltage in proportion to a control I/P. I/P signal is isolated 0-10V DC / 0-5V / 4-20mA.

Unique Electronic design features non-destructively protective modules against short circuit at the output. Current limit folds back to a safe limit under sustained excessive over current to restrict the device dissipation under low firing angles.


  • Phase angle controlled configurated in single phase and three phase for either DELTA or STAR loads.
  • Fully integrated, isolated control circuitry with 0 to 10V, as control signal Input, (Can be performed with 4- 20mA, 0-20mA, 0-5V, etc.)
  • Unique design feature allows power feedback option for maintaining constant power against voltage Power fluctuations.
  • Unique electronic design provides complete over current protection.
  • Compact, precision modules for easy mounting in panels.

Digital Panel Meters

Micro Contoller PXG

General Specifications:

  • Display : LED seven segment
  • Power Supply : 230VAC + 10%, 50Hz + 1Hz
  • Isolation : Isolation Transformer built in
  • Operating temperature : 50deg.C
  • Storage Temperature : 10deg.C – 70deg.C
  • Accuracy : Better than 1%
  • Humidity : 95%
  • Power Consumption : 5VA max.
  • Dielectric Strength : AC 2KV/1min.
  • Protective Enclosure : IP 20
General Specifications:
Types :
  • Digital RPM/MPM/Frequency (Hz) Meter
  • Digital Voltmeters (AC/DC)
  • Digital Ampere Meters (AC/DC)
  • Time Totalizer (Hours Meter)
  • Digital Universal Meter
  • Temperature Indicators
  • Digital Impulse/Event/Length Counters

Process Control Instruments

Process Control Instruments

Temperature Indicators / Controllers

  • Single Set Point temp. Indicator/Controller
  • 1 – Set Point Temp. Indicator/controller with Thumbwheel Setting
  • 2- Set Point Temp. Indicator/Controller with Thumbwheel Setting
  • Temp.Indicator/Controller with Set Point Display
  • Temp. Indicator / Controller for Plastic Moulding
  • Temp. Indicator / Controller with 1 inch Display
  • Blind temperature Controllers
  • Miniature Controller

Digital Presettable Timers

  • Low Cost Presettable Timer
  • RC Timer
  • Digital ON-OFF Timers
  • Digital Time Totaliser
  • Electronic delay timers
  • Electronic star – delta timers
  • Electronic delay & star – delta timers
  • Hand held thermometers

Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Systems

Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Systems

With the vast development of industries, there is a rise in the penalties imposed by the State Electricity Boards/Utility Companies due to poor Power Factor & exceeding the Maximum Demand. This forces the consumers to search for a system that is capable of taking care of both Power Factor & Maximum Demand. The Automatic Power factor Correction(APFC) System is used in avoidance of Power Factor penalty and also helps to Save Energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor.

Following are the two basic types of APFC Systems:

  • Contactor Based APFC System
  • Thyristor Based (with zero crossing) APFC System

The above facts warrant the consumer to install an ideal “AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CORRECTION (APFC) SYSTEM” in order to:

  • Avoid Penalization for lower power factor.
  • Enjoy incentives for higher power factor operation being extended to Industries by some Electricity Boards.
  • Optimise the connected load for improved plant load factor.
  • Avoid manual disruption.
  • Avoid high current consumption losses.
  • Improvement in voltage regulation.
  • Reduction in Energy (KWH) Consumption.
  • Longer life of the existing electrical distribution components like transformer, switchgears, cables, etc.
  • Decrease Maximum Demand KVA, thus avoiding penalty and excess Demand Charges
Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Systems

Fuji Programmable Operation Display POD UG Series

Fuji Programmable Operation Display POD UG Series The FUJI programmable operation display unit (Pod) consists of a liquid crystal display (LCD) and operation panel equipped with multiple input keys. The POD is a new, compact multi-functional display unit which is connected to control devices such as programmable controllers (PLCs) and single-board microcomputers. It not only displays guidance and failure messages regarding indication device. By using the capability of the personal computer loader to easily create and edit screen data, the POD can accommodate frequent changes in the specifications of your system consoles.

MICREX – SX Series (SPB)

2)MICREX - SX Series (SPB)


  • Compact Size
  • Large – Capacity Memory
  • High – Speed Processing
  • Many Types of Instructions
  • Online Program Edit Function International Standards Conformity
  • Two Analog Timers
  • Communication & networking
  • POD Direct Connection
  • Diversified Functions for Expanding Applications
  • Adapted to Analog Control

Types of PLC:

1) SPB Lineups

  • BASIC UNIT (Power voltage :100-230VAC/24VDC): 20-points basic Unit: Input:12 points, Output : 8 points (RLY/TRN), 30-points basic Unit: Input:16 points, Output :14 points (RLY/TRN)
  • 40-points basic Unit: Input: 24 points, Output :16 points (RLY/TRN), 60-points basic Unit: Input: 36 points, Output : 24 points (RLY/TRN)

2) Expansion Unit

Digital I/O Unit

  • 16-points I/O Expansion Unit: Input: 8 points, Output : 8 points
  • 16-points Input Expansion Unit: Input: 16 points
  • 16-points Output Expansion Unit
  • 32-points I/O Expansion Unit: Input: 16 points, Output : 16 points
  • 60-points I/O Expansion Unit: Input: 32 points, Relay Output : 28 points

Analog Unit

  • Analog Input Unit : Multi-range Input : 4ch
  • Analog Output Unit : Multi-range Output : 4ch
  • Analog I/O Unit : Multi-range Input : 4ch, Multi-rage Output : 4ch
  • Thermocouple Input Module : Input : 4ch
  • Resistance Bulb Input Module : Input : 4ch



Realizes High-Speed Advanced Machine Control
I/O control with a program capacity of up to 256K steps and up to 8192 points enables suitable system configuration ranging from small through to large Scale. 1ms program scan and I/O refresh are possible. Function and performance distribution are possible in multi-CPU system configuration with up to 8 CPUs.

Meets Increasing Demand for Higher Reliability
Compatible with CPU redundancy and power supply redundancy as standard functions. 1:1 warm standby or N:1 cold standby can be selected as required.

Open Network Oriented
Both the hardware and software conform to the IEC61131 international standard programmable controllers. Compatible with Ethernet, LonWorks, Fl-net, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, AS-J, and other diverse open network.

Realizes Integrated Programming Support
Loaders for functional modules and POD, mainly loaders for programme controllers realized on a personal computer, can be used in an integrated environment. Sharing of variable names (labels) required for each loader, and mutual data reference at the time of programming and debugging, can be performed easily.

Applicable to Software Control
Operates on a personal computer and panel controller, and the functions provide software equivalent to each hardware.
software PLC : Equivalent to the integrated controllers SPH
Software POD : Equivalent to the programmable operation display POD (TELLUS made of Hakko Electronics Co., Ltd.)
The SX Communication Middleware enables coordination with commercial SCADA software.
Note : This software accommodates system business talks, For details, contact our sales section.

Realizes Remote Monitoring, Maintenance Support and Preventive Maintenance Using IT
On-site information can be obtained in optimal ways such as monitoring by the Web browser via the internet or intranets, E-mail transmission when an error occurs, and remote operation using support tools to realize labor savings, Planned maintenance, and more swift maintenance services.

SPH2000 Integrates Control and Information/Communication
With advanced data processing functions, large-capacity memory, and the Ethernet build in functions, expansion of application to the IT-related areas such as operation history of production systems/equipment, tracking of products, and recording when a facility fails, in addition to the conventional FA control, can be considered.

With the technological advancement of methods of controls & invention of new materials has led to the development of new control systems to cater the ever-demanding customer needs. As a result, Infinitely Variable Frequency drives were developed & introduced to cater the demand in precision engineering industry innovative inbuilt inverter controlled chain and rope hoists are being used. Speeds can be infinitely varied depending upon load and the pressure on push button pendant.

Advantages of Variable speed drives in hoist

  • No need for inching, sensitive picking up & depositing.
  • Lower starting current when using the soft start hoist unit relay.
  • Cost effective inverter due to lower output requirements.
  • High resolution of speed up to 25% of the speed.
  • Improved load handling.
  • Operators with little experience can handle without any problems.
  • The materials are never damaged as the cargo does not overrun the requested landing position, or stop before the desired spot. This is most suitable for the transportation of the precisely fabricated goods.
  • Safe work is assured as the lifting or lowering of the goods for a very short distance can be done gently.
  • Tonnage display without load cell with cut off feature.

Advantages of Variable Speed Drives for Cross and long Travel

  • Load sway in the direction of travel is reduced.
  • The inverters are usually preset at factory so no major additional programming is necessary during installation and commissioning.
  • Smooth picking up & depositing of the load.
  • Electronically controlled drive with constantly adjustable speed.
  • Improved travel characteristics.
  • Inching is eliminated due to smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Shorter transport time due to nearly 40% increased speed.
  • Reduced load sway, no correcting switching operations.
  • Reduced wear on brake due to electrical braking.
  • Improved load handling, no handling problems for operators with little experience.
All Drives are rated for 50 Deg. Cambient without derating All Drives are rated for 50 Deg. Cambient without derating

Wireless Radio Remote Controller (for Cranes)

Wireless Radio Remote Controller

System Features for Industrial Remote control are as follows :-
Modular design allows for easy upgrade to different models, unnecessary Prime Cost be reduced.
European standard switches inside, high sensitivity, long life with gold-plated connectors.
Anti-water / shock / dust PC case, suitable for the worst environment with international standard EMS button on the top.
Internal antenna design both in transmitter & receiver, avoid the possibility of brake.
Excellent for Hoist, Cranes, Trolleys, Mobile Hydraulic Cranes and Places which are Hazardous to reach.

Active Front end Controller

Active Front end Controller

Customized Panel Enclosures for every application viz. Main Hoist, Auxillary Hoist, Cross Travel, Long Travel etc. Consisting of all the necessary accessories in MS cubicle with IP40 degree of protection.

We also provide IP55 protection Panel Enclosures for all the four applications on request. Our drives are rated for 50 deg ambient temperature, so if the temperature in the working area is more than 50 deg which is generally incase of steel industry we provide complete Air conditioned panels e.g. See Picture on LHS. Complete Air Conditioned control system we provided to sterile group for their hot metal laddle crane application.


AC LINE REACTOR (ACL: If the capacity of the inverter’s power supply transformer exceeds 10 times the inverter unit capacity, always install this device to protect the inverter. (Balance with power supply.) This is also effective in improving the power factor of the inverter input and in suppressing the current & voltage harmonics level. This power factor will be approx. 0.9.

DC REACTOR (DCR): It is effective in the improvement of the input power factor and the reduction of harmonics. Its effect is greater than that of the AC reactors. The reactor body is made contact.

Active Front end Converter
Energy Savings + Acceptable Harmonic Distortion

Energy Savings + Acceptable Harmonic Distortion



  • A wide range of capacities
  • 200V series: 7.5kW to 90kW (11 models)
  • 400V series: 7.5kW to 800kW (22 models)
  • Parallel system: 800kW x 6 = 4800kW (maximum) 230/460V, -15% to +10%
  • Influence on power supply
  • Operation with high power factor
  • Reduce harmonic current & power supply capacity
  • DC Link voltage
  • 320V-355V (200V series), 640V-710V (400V series)
  • High carrier frequency
  • 6 to 15kHz (changeable)
  • Low reactor noise, Small filter reactor
  • Variety of protection and maintenance function
  • Forecast signal (Overheat, Overload, Lifetime)
  • Global Products
  • Keypad is shown by 3 languages


  • Electrical
  • Overhead Traveling
  • (EOT) Crane
  • Gantry Crane
  • Jib Crane
  • Laddle Crane
  • Port Crane
  • Goliath Crane
  • Cantilever Gantry
  • Straddle Crane
  • Tower Crane

Frenic 4600FM5


Fuji medium-voltage IGBT inverter FRENIC4600FM5 is used for direct variable-speed controller of medium-voltage motors, and greatly raises the efficiency and power factor, stabilize motor operation and conservers energy.

  • High – reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Contributes to energy saving
  • High-efficiency and high power factor
  • Ideal inverter for power sources and motors

1.     Heigh – efficiency and High – Power Factor

  • The use of a multi – phase diode, full – wave rectifier provides a high – power factor (95% or more) on the power source.
  • The elimination of output transformers for operation has improved total efficiency (approx.97%).
  • Thanks to the snubber – less design, the switching loss of the main circuit has been reduced.
  • Fuji electric’s original multi – level PWM control has reduced the IGBT switching loss.

2.     High – Reliability

  • Higher equipment reliability is achieved by reducing the number of inverter cells by using a single phase, 3 – level inverter, etc…
  • Stable operation is maintained despite load fluctuations, by the simple sensor – less vector control function.
  • The control device has a 32 – bit MPU for quick response and high – accuracy.

3.     Ideal Inverter for Power Sources and Motors

  • The multi – phase diode rectifier system reduces harmonics on the power source side.
  • Due to the use of fuji electric’s unique multi – level PWM control system, the switching surge is reduced and existing motors (standard ones) can be operated.

4.     Easy maintenance

  • The inverter is air – cooled, requiring no cooling water.
  • Start / stop operation, parameter setting, fault display and data monitoring are performed from the console with simple loader functions.
  • Simple, built in auto – tuning functions facilitate testing and adjustment.
  • Faulty diagnoses are easily performed.
  • A dry – type input transformer is adopted.

5.    Contributes to energy saving

  • A substantial energy is achieved by variable – speed control of a square – law reduced torque load such as a fan or pump.
Standard Specification (3.3kV - 6.6 kV)

Two Pulse DC Drive (Modular Version)

1/4HP to 5HP

This full wave half control drive is an ideal choice for broad range of industrial applications of pre-engineered options like dynamic braking torque control, synchronisation, Digital speed control etc., Available in enclosure of powder coated mild steel unit & Modular version.

Two Pulse DC Drive (Modular Version)

Single Phase DC Drives

Single Phase DC Drives

0.5HP to 5HP

A highly versatile full wave full control converter configuration consisting of 4 SCR’s of 1000V PIV assuring reliability, providing optimum form factor for best motor performance with various pre-engineered options like regenerative braking, 4-quadrant configurations, Digital Speed Controls, PLC interface etc. It finds applications in different industries like Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Steel & Iron, Textile etc. Available in an enclosure of Powder coated mild steel unit & Modular version.

Three Phase DC Drive (3-Pulse/6-Pulse)

3HP to 400HP

This features three phase AC line power, conversion to regulated DC for adjustable Speed control of DC Motors. It consists of converter configuration of 3SCR’s/6 SCR’s, of 1400 PIV for full wave half control/full wave full control of power conversion. It is enclosed in a ventilated desk type Cubicle. (SINGLE STACK OR THREE STACK).

Three Phase DC Drive


1. Power source 230 V AC; 1; 50 Hz 415V AC; 3; 50 Hz
2. H.P Range 1/8 HP-5HP 3 HP-600HP
3. O/p Voltage ( Armature) 0-220V DC Variable 0-440V DC Variable
4. O/p Voltage (Field) ~220V DC Fixed ~220V DC Fixed
5. Ref. Power supply 12V DC (regulated) -12V DC (regulated)
6. Overload Capacity 150% of rated for 1 min 150% of rated for 1 min
7. Speed Potentiometer 10K/3W 10K/3W